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Bron: Paramount - Datum: 2001-01-26 - Geplaatst door: Serge
20 februari
Airplane 1 (Flying High 1), Airplane 2 (Flying High 2), Ghost & the Darkness, Star Trek 6

28 februari
Mission: Impossible 2

13 maart
American Gigolo, Election, Internal Affairs, Out of Towners, Sleepy Hollow, Star Trek 5

17 april
In & Out, Naked Gun 1, Naked Gun 2 1/2, Naked Gun 33 1/3, Officer and a Gentleman, Rainmaker

15 mei
Barefoot in the Park, Coming to America, Escape from Alcatraz, Gallipoli, Golden Child, The Phantom, The Virtuosity, Tom Cruise Boxset

29 mei
Shaft returns

19 juni
Addams Family Values, Escape from L.A., Event Horizon, Untouchables, Wood

17 juli
Days of Heaven, Primal Fear, Star Trek Boxset

21 augustus
Alfie Superstar, Warriors, Zulu

18 september
Along came a Spider, Funny Face, Kiss the Girls, Ladies Man, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Star Trek 4, Trading Places, Waynes World, Waynes World 2

16 oktober
Alive, Enemy at the gates, Friday 13th part 2, Friday 13th part 3, Friday 13th part 4, Ghost, Godfather 1, Godfather 2, Godfather 3, MI Special, Rugrats in Parijs, Snow Day, Star Trek 3

13 november
Down to Earth, Heaven Can Wait, Michael Cain Collection, Naked Gun boxset, Planes Trains & Automobiles, Pootie, Tang, Rosemary's Baby, Save the Last Dance, Star Trek 2, Terms of Endearment, Waynes World Collection

11 december
Dead Again, Friday 13th part 5, Friday 13th part 6, Romeo & Juliet, Star Trek 1, U2 Rattle & Hum, White Christmas